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Demo Reels

Jacks & Knights / Documentary

Jacks & Knights, More than just War Stories, is a documentary series that narates the plight of Military Vets transitioning back into society. This pilot episode provides insight as to how Vets now percieve the country they once defended.

Showreel / Director of Photography

This silent short entitled, 'Operation Deliverance' showcases editing, directing, and writing. It's mise-en-scene is a blend of stlyes that evokes a variety of emotions.

Showreel / Editing

Poetry  in support of  support of the documentary mini series, "25 to Lifestyle",

Sentenced to Thrive! 

Showreel / DEMO

MARS HALL Studios presents a demo reel created and edited from a compilation of work experience. This rhythmic video displays the Studios style in regards to mise-en-scene, lighting, Directing & Producing, story-boarding, production assistant experience, and editing; this fantastic trailer included!

Showreel / Commercial



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