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Flushing Facebook pt. 2 | Tactical Strategies

Today it begins!

Are you ready ⁉️

In part 1 I explained my approach for the social experiment, 'Sentenced to Thrive'.

I posted a few links in the comments section of the first people to come across my feed.

I now see a more efficient way to post the link, and the idea was sparked from the last post.

Ironically, after typing how people USED to use Facebook, I decided it would be better to just post the link directly on the user's profile.


I've massaged the rhythm last week and then let it sit...


Today I start posting.

Here is what I plan to copy onto people's page:

Hi _____,

I hope all is well!

I'm conducting a social experiment to gauge the public's actual interest in promoting positive mental health practices for melanated men.


The link below outlines the premise of the documentary style series 'SENTENCED to THRIVE - 25 to Lifestyle', this projects aims to highlight the plight of those who have been marginalized & disenfranchised.

Please watch and share!


If you know of a supreme melanted being who has defied the status quo, nominate them to have their story told.

Drop a comment on YouTube and let us know if this project resonates.





I'll give the 1st 11 people I see on my feed 48 hrs to share....

Then I start chopping heads.


WE MIGHT GO VIRAAAAAL! #powerofthepen


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