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Flushing Fakebook | Tactical Strategies

Is it flushing or fleshing out a situation ⁉️

Either way, I'm blowing up my Fakebook profile...

How, you say?

Well after creating my own social network platform in 2011, I became a student of social media, mainly algorithms. Now I can spot, or "feel" when algorithms shift or have been altered.

So let me tell you how Fb algorithm works and how I plan to use it to go viral.

I've tested my theory and I'm pretty sure what I'm about to explain is correct.

Maybe... 🤷🏾‍♂️

So social media as well as regular websites tally the amount of impressions a webpage receives over time. In social media's case let's look at your individual post a micro website.

An impression is when a "user" comes across the data and registers the information. Don't think of this as a consciousness action, in fact, it's usually the exact opposite. How fast you stroll is a perfect way to visualize how this works.

If your flickering fingers are fast when you scroll, then you leaving less impressions on people's post... but the 1 second that you pause to read, watch, analyze, etc, the algorithm registers that you have seen the data.

This is how ads are sold. If I make a post and I can prove, with data, that 20,000 eyes an hour see my content / information, I can then compile that data over time and sell my efforts as exposure for someone else.

So, back to me.

I created a social experiment a few years ago to tackle the issue of organic reach being nullified by companies with huge ad spend, as well as how people becoming voyeurs versus validators.

My 1st action was to create a Patreon account to present a "fake" project to the public.

Here was my intro:

How valuable are your opinions?

What about your ideas?

Would you agree that the power of a group of Collective minds all geared to achieve the same goal would yield better success than an individual acting alone?

The Creative Collective Community social experiment is designed to observe what will happen when a Collective uses the internet to create content versus consuming it.

Wouldn’t you like to be apart of this Communal Documentary?

If so click the link below for more information... Cheers!

Ok, here's where this concept gets a bit complex and is the reason why you are reading.

This message is extremely cryptic.

The true premise should read like this.

Are you a melanated man who is tired of being marginalized? Wouldn't it be better if we could collectively collaborate for our cultures benefits?

Well there's a system in play to individualize our efforts so that we are less effective in trying to achieve this common goal. So much so, this social experiment will show how people are subconsciously programmed to not seeing melanated men in a positive light, and therefore won't even engage in any efforts to go against the painted narrative.


This was the 1st post.

I then used this account as a mood board to pin talking points I would tackle in efforts to shine a light on specific societal issues relating to men like me.

It's important to understand that in 2018 when I decided to do this, being militant wasn't that popular unless it was attached to the fake BLM movement.

Another reason for this project was to mark how my ideas were being used without me, but that's a different element of this project that we will continue analyzing another day.

Instantly, people on my FB account labeled it as scam to get money when i introduced it, most ignored it.


Fast Foward.

I then introduced the real premise of this communal documentary,

'SENTENCED TO THRIVE' / "25 to Lifestyle"


Check out the video treatment. (1st of its kind)

My marketing strategy was simple.

Ask people to share the link.

Knowing they wouldn't due to the subject matter being subconsciously out of line with their programming.

I shared the link and tagged people in the comments to please share.

To date, 3 people out of a few dozen have shared.


Yesterday a massaged the rhythm.

That's what I call it when I use social media to generate or perpetuate traffic.

Over the past 10 years I've been extremely cryptic and have used my FB acct sparingly.


  1. Hacking

  2. Stalking

  3. Stealing


I started to notice how the FB algorithm responded to my ABSCENCE.

Fake notifications and friend suggestions on the surface.

But what I'm going to explain now intrigued me and I new I could use it to my advantage.

ABSCENCE makes the heart grow founder...

multiply this statement tenfold regarding social media.

People are obsessed.

Not being on everyday seems impossible for some.

So when I would make my one word reshares as a post, I started to notice how my feed changed.

Re-introducing impressions.

Remember I said I owned my own platform, right?

Well I also ran ads.

My content has been seen more than an average user.

The engagement doesn't matter.

I was becoming aware that when I revisited FB (never more than 5mins), the algorithm would continuously show me content from the same 5-15 people, few of which I had a close relationship with.

In fact, you could say they were showing the content of the people I knew didn't care for me.

Over the years I received multiple calls, text, and had conversations with people letting me know they're seeing my post, and not engaging.

So much so, I seen this was now normal behavior.


In short, FB has become a passive-aggressive communication device.

The user experience used to be people visiting your page and leaving comments directly on your wall for all to see.

So you can bet on the fact that the 1st people you see on your feed are there for only a couple reasons:

  1. You interact with them frequently so the algorithm knows you are more likely to engage in their post.

  2. Multiple people you usually interact with have engaged a specific post.

  3. Your content has made an impression on a specific account.

For my social experiment I started creating ULTIMATUM POST, in which I shared the video treatment link, and then tagged people in my network to please share.

I didn't tell them that if they didn't, I would block them.

This strategy didn't last long, after a few dozen people, someone reported me as spam.


It didn't matter, I had done enough to prove my theory, the proof was in the pudding.

My feed slowly changed when I blocked people. This might seem like common sense, but you must realize I've intentionally not had ANY interactions with ANYONE on social media in quite some time... but magically, people I haven't seen on my feed in years started to pop up.

The algorithm had to adjust its pattern.

Back to yesterday...


I made a slew of controversial and insightful post, so today I'm going fishing.

The first 10-20 accounts I see on my feed, I'm going to post the treatment link in their comments, asking to share.

Silent Ultimatum in full effect!

24 hours!!!

The goal is to simultaneously gain exposure from shares while trimming the fat of my network by block individuals who are unwilling to support my projects.

It may seem petty, but I promise it's solely rooted in mathematics. well as my mental wellbeing.

Why would anyone conscientiously be tethered to a network that doesn't serve them, it's nonsensical.

...and I have the power and authority to change it.

Hopefully, this becomes a trend and social media becomes more of the networking tool it's capable of being versus the toxic wasteland of crass opinions, Lude behavior, & sadistic humor that currently exists.

... to be continued.


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