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Success at Success at Success… (decoded) 👀

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who admire Kobe & Kanye versus those who hate them...

There is no grey area, no split between the two I find.

Why is this?

What makes these gentlemen so polarizing?

How can two individuals that are at the top of their respective fields garnish so much animosity?

Well, I’ll give you my short answer...

It’s because they’re black!

Uppity negroes who speak their minds, and seemingly don’t care about what people think...

... and it’s a problem.

It’s a problem for people not used to seeing black men unapologetically confident in their abilities.

It’s shunned like street meat after midnight, it just seems down right dangerous.

What are we scared of though?

Well, it’s more than unabated hubris, it’s their purpose & drive

that reiterates none of the greatness you’re experiencing is by accident.

They are the polar opposites of how society has depicted they want black men to be...

Docile & Unassuming.

Wearing dresses with matching handbags.

The Butler.

It amazes me that Tom Brady isn’t branded as arrogant the way Ye’ & Kobe are... 🤔

... and a guy in Pittsburgh that comes to mind as well.

I digress.

So let’s just say we were to completely erase racism from this equation and dig deeper from a psychological perspective.

(Even though racism is a psychological disorder)

It’s in my opinion that the polarization stems from a lack of understanding between humility vs false humility.

What am I babbling about, you say?

Well I’ll wrap this up nice and neat for you...

LeBron James’ game went to another level during his battle with the Warriors AFTER he professed that he was indeed, “... the best player in the world”! (Game five Finals press conference 2015)

Before that, he didn’t believe in himself, which is why early in his career he deferred at the end of games... He had a bad case of, “I’m not the man” just so he could be portrayed as a great team player. Also known as ‘going along to get along’.

False humility.

Ultimately, this would lead to him being branded as having no killer instinct.

Is this perspective racist?

I believe you’d have to look at it through the eyes of the protagonist versus a public microscope to answer honestly.

I’d never profess that labeling confidence as arrogance solely happens to people of color...

Winners come in all shades!

That said, it’s obvious that more shade is thrown towards ‘celebrities ‘ of color when they’ve ran out of humility.

An article by (link here) was recently published informing the public of the epidemic of depression that’s plaguing young “black” boys.

Young men of color repeatedly ingest media of strong “black” men being torn down publicly. It’s difficult to imagine a reality of self actualization when all the archetypes that you identify with have chinks in their armor.

This world is neither black nor white,

It’s more like black and blue.

False humility beaten into the psyche of melanated hues.

Champions celebrating booze

Collecting corner store trophies for sweat equity...

Catch their highlights on the evening news.

Meanwhile sports is the center of distraction

As bucks battle amid banter of how they escaped

The hood for the customer’s auditorial satisfaction.

Saying you’re woke is not a call to action

If you turn a blind eye to obvious clues

Of the current efforts of extermination...

Our youth need mental reparations

Not more diluted factions.

If you question a man’s talent, character, or principles, expect nothing, and earn everything you’ve asked for.

I promise there’s no worse inner turmoil than trying to be humble when you’ve really earned the right to flex.

With that said,


(Magneto Voice)

Stop Kobe Bryant pump-faking yourself out.



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