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Vilifying Macho Men | 1980’s “Professional” Wrestling did it better

How this constitutes as an interview is beyond me...

It's more akin to "mean" Jean positioning Macho Man Randy savage to receive the boos before Hulk Hogan rips off his shirt!

...but in this case Tate's opponent seems to be pissed off feminists who are out of their depth when it comes to defining what masculinity should, or shouldn't be.

This isn't a controversial statement.

It's common sense.

It's a man's job to teach other men how develop, how to function, and how to prosper...

Especially when it comes to understanding a woman's nature.

It's not like women would be biased, right⁉️



Here we are.

The media is attacking a man whose inception to greatness wasn't just achieving success as a professional fighter, but was being raised by a strong melanated man.

Tall, Dark, & Handsome...

Full stop.

...not intelligent and equipped for combat.

Society wants the "LinkedIn" version of men, while asking them to marry OF girls.

The Macho Men aren't looking for jobs right not, we are busy fighting!

...and writing blog post not generated by chatgpt.

...and still not interested in marring strippers or prostitues.

I'm pretty sure this post makes me unemployable…?


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