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NFTNYC2024 Bound

Vision Over Sight, is a platform for artists & creators of all genres, mediums & spectrums that offers various tools & resources such as intellectual property rights & law, brand development, marketing, advertising, promotion & networking to name a few. We are campaigning to raise funds for great opportunity in which we a proud to be a part of this coming April 3-5, NFTNYC2024. At this event TMD Infinite1 will be featured for the 2nd year in a row & we are looking forward to being there to meet & collaborate with a lot of great ppl who are in the art & NFT community, & with your help, this will be a success! We want to get exposure for as many artists & creators as possible for their projects & platforms, however, funds are needed to do so. With donations comes various perks & benefits which Ive listed on so please check the link out at &

support us & what we are doing, all donations is greatly appreciated & helpful!


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