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Stagnant Stances

Are you Ready⁉️

Over the past 20 years the internet has exponentially increased the visibility of a multitude of diverse sets of collective consciousness, and simultaneously given them all a voice.

Before, cultures didn't intermingle ideologies on a mass scale... and definitely not overnight.

The end result has been a hypersensitive PC culture & a mob mentality fueled by group think and group chats.

A convuluted effort to police every thought.

At the center of it all⁉️

"Black" people...

The progression hasn't been progressive.

It's 2023 and it seems normal for POC to pull the "race card" whenever challenged or denied by someone who isn't of the same race.

The result is other races of people looking at "black" folks like, "well, I guess that's just how they are..."

No stereotypes, only mono.

...but they can't even say THAT, let alone to offer some criticism.

The worst part is, "Black" people won't accept it from each other either.


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