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What will “they” steal next?!? 🤷🏾‍♂️

This may seem counterintuitive but I'm not naive enough to believe that im not being watched and tracked.

Seeing that as an individual I don't have the working capital to compete on an enterprise level, I must resort to different tactics...



...As in my intellectual property on public display as proof im the architect.

The diagram below is the blueprint to a future solution for creating and distributing content.

You may say it's not all that unique, but I say for creators this is the workflow solution of the future!

Don't believe me⁉️

Well wait and see how hosting your own library of content behind a paywall becomes the next wave for the "little guy".

Of course it will be packaged and priced so that it's not affordable,...


This is the model...

Steal, repackage, and sell to the original people who created the ideas and concepts.

The only reason this isn't common knowledge is because the "little guy" is deeply buried by the algorithm so that you never see the inception of a concept, just the commercial version presented by "them" months later.

...and even if you do see it, you don't engage, support, or invest to help.


Because you can't imagine how 1 person that isn't you could have the audacity to try to accomplish something that doesn't look like a 9-5 job.


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